Kler-Vu Farm

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5137 Old Rt. 12
Lyons Fall, NY 13368
Owner / Operator:
Tom Gillette
Top three classified cows in herd:
Kler Vu Ramius Christmas 2E 93
Kler Vu Avenger Jelly Bean 2E 92
Pineville Farm Pardner Lexus 92
DHIA Average:
26,000 pounds of milk, 4% butterfat, 1,010 pounds of butter fat
Feeding Method:
Total Mixed Ration
Fantastic Ayrshire Brood Cows:
Pineville Farm Pardner Lexus Ex 92
She has one daughter who scored 93, one daughter who scored 88, and two who scored 85. One of them, at age 5 years and 2 months, produced 44,520 pounds of milk with 4.1% butterfat and 1,840 pounds of butterfat.
Top Three Show Winning Cows/Heifers:
Kler-Vu Ramius Christmas (3-time All-American)
Kler-Vu Makanzie (4-time nominated All-American)
Kler-Vu Ramius Kendallynds (15 year old NSF, 15 year old PA All-American) *not currently owned
Three current Bulls being used as Herd Sire:
Kamouraska Rockstar
Libby's Lochinvar
Top Three Producing Cows with Record:
Pineville Farm Pardner Lexus
Kler-Vu Ramius Christmas
Kler-Vu Avenger Jelly Bean
Cows that produce over 100,000 Lbs. of milk:
Woodland View Jelly
Kler-Vu Ramius Christmas
Pineville Farm Pardner Lexus
Kler-Vu Avenger Jelly Bean
Top Three Cows on CPI List:
Kler-Vu Ramius Christmas
Top Three P9 or P8 Calves Recently Born:
Kler-Vu Rockstar Cutie
Kler-Vu Jurasick Charm-ET