Barrens-View Farm

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237 West Barrens Church Rd.
Dillsburg, PA 17019
Owner / Operator:
Dan Baumgardner
Top three classified cows in herd:
1) S&M-Ary Herman's Marie
2) Barrens-View TSB Margarita
3) Barrens-view Burdette Talia
DHIA Average:
18,567 (692F & 577P)
Feeding Method:
Fantastic Ayrshire Brood Cows:
S&M-Ayr Herman's Marie. She has one daughter scored Excellent 91, with 2 more daughters yet to calve.
Top Three Show Winning Cows/Heifers:
1) S&M-Ayr Herman's Marie, Ex 92 (Grand Champion PA Farm Show)
2) Barrens-View TSB Margarita, Ex 91
3) Barrens-View Burdette Lyza, VG 88
Three current Bulls being used as Herd Sire:
1) Selwood Petition
2) Palmyra Berkley Reagan
3) Family-AF-Ayr Reality Dazzle
Top Three Producing Cows with Record:
1) S&M-Ayr Herman's Marie (305 days 26,999 lbs. 979F 758P)
2) Barrens-View TSB Margarita (305 days 22,550 lbs. 818F 688P)
3) Barrens-View Burdette Talia (305 days 20,761 lbs. 776F 657P)
Cows that produce over 100,000 Lbs. of milk:
S&M-Ayr Herman's Marie
Top Three Cows on CPI List:
Barrens-View TSB Margarita (she is a Burdette daughter)
Top Three P9 or P8 Calves Recently Born:
1) Barrens-View Rocks Funk (P9)
2) Barrens-View Rocks Furgie (P9)
3) Barrens-View Oblique Terra (P9)