The Grand National Ayrshire Sale, held annually at the National Ayrshire Convention, took place this year on Friday, June 17 in Oklahoma City. Here are the highlights:

Onword Predator Adina, the highest selling animal at the Grand National Sale

Photo courtesy of the National Sale Catalog

Grand National Sale Average

Highest Selling Animal ($8,700)
Onword Predator Adina

One Ayrshire was sold at $5,000
Halls Super Rosetta

Two more were sold at $4,000
Stillmore-Lexy Reno Monique-ET
Ridale Nemo Savvy-ET

We would like to extend a big thanks to all those who attended and made purchases. If you are a new breeder, we invite you to contact our mentors with any questions. You can see our full list of mentors HERE. We’re excited to welcome you and help set you on the path to success with your herd.